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RNZ's Our Changing World on Beneath the Waves - Part IExploring the 5 Minute Volcano game

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02 May 2024

5 minute volcano

Beneath the Waves researcher and 2023 winner of the Prime Minister's Science Communication Prize Ben Kennedy (congrats Ben!) speaks with RNZ's Our Changing World about using games as a way to educate people on the important role everyone plays in managing the risks of volcano hazards.

Listen to Ben along with Kieron Wall explain the premise of 5 Minute Volcano - a game developed under the Beneath the Waves programme for demonstrating how teachers, scientists, emergency managers, children, community leaders and others need to work together to support safer communities living near volcanoes.

Also enjoy the sounds of hectic game play and elation as Ben and Kieron play 5 Minute Volcano with tamariki. 

Kieron Wall

Kieron Wall

Geologist - PhD Student

ben kennedy talking headshot

Ben Kennedy

Project Co-Leader: Mitigate