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RNZ's Our Changing World on Beneath the Waves - Part IIBuilding a picture of the past, present and future state of our island volcanoes

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09 May 2024

RV Tangaroa sails near Whakaari Island

In RNZ's second Our Changing World episode on the Beneath the Waves programme, Volcano Geophysicist and Programme Leader Craig Miller explains how data collected on the voyages is building a picture of the anatomy and eruptive history of Whakaari and Tūhua islands.

Listen as Craig describes how the data collected during these expeditions is being used to develop robust simulations and models that will be used to assess multiple possible scenarios for the Bay of Plenty from future volcanic events.

Continue to listen for a trip back in time as PhD Candidate Jacqueline Grech Licari and Volcano Geochemist Simon Barker talk through what several ash layers buried in seabed sediment can tell us about the size and frequency of past eruptions.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Beneath the Waves Programme Leader & Volcano Geophysicist

Simon barker withbackground

Simon Barker


JGL Profile Photo 2 compressedunder2mb

Jacqueline Grech Licari

Geologist - PhD Student