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Maia KiddPhD Student

Maia Kidd


Te Kunenga ki PÅ«rehuroa | Massey University


Maia's research interest is in volcanic landscapes, with a focus on how post-eruptive processes like hydrothermal alteration and erosion affect how volcanic rocks behave in the landscape. Maia completed a Masters in Geology at University of Canterbury, where she examined landscape evolution in ignimbrites and is currently working towards a PhD (titled: Hydrothermal alteration induced changes to volcanic rock properties) in the Volcanic Risk Solutions group at Te Kunenga ki PÅ«rehuroa Massey University. 

Project role

In the 'Beneath the Waves' research programme, Maia is examining the link between hydrothermal alteration and physical rock properties, and developing non-destructive methods for quantifying strength and porosity via hyperspectral imaging. 

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